Book Review: Every Dark Waning

Every Dark Waning is the kind of book you expect to read when you want to immerse yourself in literary poetry. Each page revolves around a metaphor relating to the ocean or sky. Every poem is skillfully written to appeal to the reader visual senses.


The organization is clean, but the poems are rather long so if you have a short attention span like I do, it’s not great. However, if you really love long poetry, it’ll be perfect for you.


I found the book to be a tad bit bland as it didn’t appeal to all my senses. The themes seemed a bit muddled. I was tired of the metaphors which were extensive and constant. This book seriously lacks a concrete element necessary to grounding the reader in the experience meant to be provided.


There’s a lot of variety in styles of poems in the book. This book will appeal to poets and writers as they seem to be the intended demographic.
I would recommend this book but only to a specific audience of poets/writers.



Excerpts from “The Lonely”

I managed to write an entire chapbook in one day because it was a good writing day. I’ve been editing and adding to it the past couple of days and it’s really coming along.

So far, it is a strange and slightly humorous account of my perceptions of loneliness. Since I’ve already shared a few poems on Twitter, I thought I’d post them here too.


wants to be understood

is socially awkward

and clumsy

didn’t mean to break

that mug

just wanted to say


you threw salt at him

and screamed

it wasn’t very nice


Abandoned Houses Have Feelings Too

Imagine being left

to decay and fall

to ruins.


How would you feel?


Support your local

abandoned house.
Go exploring.

Fee-Free Presses Accepting Chapbook Submissions

I’ve compiled a list of presses I’ve found that are accepting chapbook submissions for free! I’m dividing it into two sections: those that use submittable and those that you have to submit to through email.

Presses that use Submittable: 

Damaged Goods Press – for queer and trans writers

Rising Phoenix Press 

Hermeneutic Chaos Press – until June 30th

BatCat Press

Medusa’s Laugh Press – until June 30th

Presses that do email Submissions: 

Fog Machine

Neck Press

Moloko House

Yes Poetry

Sauce Pot Publishing

Projective Industries Press

Unsolicited Press

Inpatient Press

Bottlecap Press

Boost House

Luminous Press


Porkbelly Press

Platypus Press

If you know of any other fee-free places accepting chapbooks, please comment! 

Upcoming: My First Review

Hey everyone!

I will be writing my first book review very soon and I’m nervous but excited. I’ve seen a lot of different types of reviews the past couple of days ranging from generic and literary to personal and casual. 

I’m looking for opinions on the kind of book reviews you like!

Do you prefer literary, professional book reviews or casual, personal ones? 

A New Project: The Micro-Chapbook

With my absolute dearest project thus far, Fighting Pretty, being sent off to as many presses as I can get it to for free, I’ve found myself wanting to do something new. Originally, Fighting Pretty was meant to be a chapbook that was meant to turn into a full-length book of poetry. Unfortunately, I realized it was doomed to be a chapbook forever.

I found a press that’s looking to publish micro-chapbooks and I’m suddenly inspired. can write a micro-chapbook. I have lots of poems with connecting themes. It can be the lovechild of my previous two chapbooks which have been about love and identity. I’ll come up with a creative title and BAM, a new micro-chapbook will be born.

This is really just to let all of you people that might stumble upon my page that I’m working on a micro-chapbook and I’m very excited.

What are your thoughts on micro-chapbooks? Should I attempt to make money off of it? Are such short works of poetry really a project of love? 

What To Expect

This is a rough list of things you can expect from this blog in the future:

Reviews/Recommendations for chapbooks, authors, poets, etc.

Interviews with small presses and authors


The occasional rambling about something literary

Information on my current projects


What would you like to see on this blog? 


Let me be honest: I am an 18 year old trying to make a name for myself. How’s it going? Not great. I’m published in various literary magazines. I have wormed my way into working with a literary magazine and befriending several others. I have talent. I have vision. I have ambition and love and passion for my work.

But the fact is that nobody knows me. Nobody knows my work. I have no idea what I’m doing, and I have no mentor to tell me.

For now, I will continue submitting my writing to various literary magazines and small presses. We’ll see where that takes me.

(Interested in being my mentor? Contact me at